These activities will help you gain insight into your skills and their relation to your career journey goals. Start with the Explore your Humanities Profile to give yourself the best start. You are welcome to repeat the activities throughout your journey when and if you want to do so. If you are still trying to figure out what to do, please read the getting started guide and return afterwards.

Explore your Humanities Profile

Fill in a survey to help discover your core strengths

Individual 15 minutes

Peer Reflection

Comparison and feedback exercises with a peer to deepen your understanding of your humanities’ skill profile

Pairs 20 minutes

Collect Your Statements

Learn to illustrate your skills so you can present yourself properly

Individual 30 minutes

Career Connector

Connect with others to expand your professional network

Individual Preparation: 1 hour | Execution: 1 hour | Reflection: 20 minutes


Prompt for a short journaling exercise

Individual 10 minutes