Our project has three main target groups and beneficiaries: humanities students, their teachers and counselors, and their prospective employers. Through careful research and close cooperation, we wish to provide concrete tools to improve the grasp of humanities skills.

The skills that are characteristic for humanities students are of great value. The ASSET-H project has defined six clusters of skills. These are as follows: with knowledge and information skills, students are able to handle and manage large amounts of information and knowledge competently. Humanities students can collaborate and lead effectively through excellent communication skills. Students' language skills are high-level due to their proficiency in language and their deep understanding of how languages work. Project skills enable students to complete their projects in a timely and successful manner. Humanities students have an artistic side and are adept at coming up with new and innovative ideas: they have creativity skills. Through deep reflection, students cultivate open-mindedness and empathy, which falls under interculturality skills. You can find more information about these skills on the ASSET-H website.

ASSET-H is a three-year Erasmus+ project that has been conducted between October 1st 2020 and August 31st 2023. Research showing that humanities graduates take longer than graduates of other faculties to enter the workforce served as an initial call to action. The project aims to enhance the transition of humanities students into working life. The project is led by KU Leuven, and project partners are the University of Leiden, the University of Helsinki, and the employment agency Randstad Belgium. Project outputs are: (1) ASSET-H skills profile for the employability of humanities graduates; (2) H-Highlight: workshop to articulate humanities skills in your course design for teaching staff; (3) H-You: your humanities skills explorer for students and alumni. The project's final year involves widespread dissemination of the project outputs and training sessions for students, faculty teaching staff, student career advisers, and HR professionals.