Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know to make the most of this toolkit.

Is this toolkit for me?

This toolkit is for humanities students seeking to explore their professional skills. You may use the toolkit's contents independently or work on the activities in the context of your educational institute, for example, with your study group or during career workshops.

Where should I start?

In case you are arriving here because it has been instructed to you to do so in context of a course, please follow your facilitator’s instructions. Didn’t receive any specific instructions? In that case, have a look at the different activities and choose one to get started with. The activities, explore your humanities’ profile and collect your statements of proof are good options to kick off.

Preparing your work environment

  1. Make sure you create the right ambiance that enables you to think comfortably and reflect. Go to your favorite working place at home, on campus, in the library, or in a café.
  2. Grab your favorite notebook or a favorite writing application to make notes for each activity. Most work consists of thinking, talking, and reflecting, and you will need to do some internet browsing for some activities.
  3. You can do most activities individually, but collaboration with someone else can be helpful for some. It is a way to exchange ideas and motivation without needing a group of peers. However, after you have looked at the different activities, you could approach a peer and propose to help each other on your career journeys.

How much time do I need?

The advised duration for each activity ranges from 15 minutes to a maximum of three hours. You can choose what activities you want to do, in what order you do them, and if you do them all at once or make a start and come back later. Each activity page shows the estimated duration for that activity.

I do not feel ready to start on my own; what should I do?

We understand that getting a grip on your skills and presenting them to others can be daunting. It helps to have a coach or group of peers. If you do not have this yet, we would advise you to get in contact with your school or faculty. Most institutes in higher education offer some form of career advice through workshops or coaching sessions. You can also approach your local municipality, which can refer you to (free) services offering help with, for example, job applications or finding an internship.

You can also join an online community of like-minded people or follow an online program. The free course 'Designing your Career' by the Stanford Life Design Lab on Edx is our preferred program that draws from the principles of design thinking and offers a step-by-step guided approach with a focus on defining your ambitions and purpose.

I need help with specific steps, such as constructing my resume or writing application letters

This toolkit aims to highlight your humanities profile and help students start presenting their profile in the context of their professional lives. Support for more general steps and techniques that play a role in career path exploration in any domain is not covered. Suppose you need specific help with resumes or application letters and such. In that case, we advise you to look for coaching or resources offered by your institute's Career Service or check out openly accessible materials, such as this collection of resources on application skills provided by Leiden University.

My question remains unanswered

Do you still have a question regarding the toolkit? Do not hesitate to contact the Career Service of Leiden University via the following e-mail address: