Explore your Humanities Profile

To take steps towards shaping your professional career, it is important to have an idea of what skills you have so you can explain what sets you apart. For example, are you highly skilled in communication, or do you excel at organizing and structuring information? The Humanities Profile Explorer will help you understand your core strengths through self-assessment.

Duration: 15 minutes

Goal: Explore your core strengths

Who: Individual

Answering the questions and reviewing your results can inspire and motivate you. The results are intended to highlight your skills and give you a starting point for further reflection. You can use the results as inspiration during other activities related to your search for a career path.

You will be asked to answer a set of questions in a bit. The questions all relate to skills such as project management, communication, and language. Afterwards, your answers will be used to generate an overview of how your different skill sets relate to each other and how you can present these skills.

Some final tips

  • Do not think too long about the questions; try to answer based on your instincts. Depending on how quickly you decide, it will take about 5 to 15 minutes.
  • The questions are shown in random order.
  • There will be questions that are similar to each other to generate as complete a picture as possible.
  • There may be questions that are difficult for you to answer, and you may be thinking, "how can I know if I am good at something, if I have never done it before?" Do not let this distract you, choose an answer based on your instincts.